Honeycomb Weave

The name for this hammock, "Honeycomb weave," comes from the style of the weaving pattern. This pattern gives the cloth an extra soft texture and is my personal favorite. In Brazil, this hammock pattern is refered to as "Fustão."

This hammock comes with both the Classic and Fishnet - hand crotched fringe. Please indicate your fringe preference in the Additional Comments field on the order page.

Available in natural colored 100% cotton

It is large enough for two adults and fits standard hammock stands.

Approximate Size: 12' 8" long end to end, woven section measures 8' long, 5'6" wide.

Cost: $79.00

Fringe Selection

Click on any picture for a close-up

Natural colored hammock with a honeycomb weave pattern.  Very comfortable! Honeycomb hammock fabric detail Classic style fringe Fishnet style fringe Fishnet fringe is shown in the picture on the left

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